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Meet Anita

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Hi!! I'm Anita Bausman. I have been freelancing as an artist for many years and have now finally decided to share a website with you !I’m so excited and so glad you are here!! 


Mmmmmmm where to begin?!


 I would say that I’m mostly an abstract artist, with a Scandinavian flair. I can’t say that I have one particular style though. I love to use vibrant colors in my art, paint with mixed mediums  and have fun.








After attending Parsons School of Design I lived in New York City and worked as a textile designer and freelancer painting murals and selling my art work. 










I have shared my works of art in Fairfield County, New York and Europe. I participate in art shows and pop ups whenever I get the opportunity. I donate a lot of my art pieces to various organizations contributing to their auctions and decorating for fundraising events. I paint custom pieces for my clients and sell my art through friends, social media, interior designers and here at my website. 


 I have 3 wonderful children who inspire me and make me smile and laugh each and every day (well almost!). I have always loved painting and doing crafts with my children which gave me the idea to teach private art classes to small groups from my home. 

It brings me great joy to see the kids create and be proud of something they made. It’s so much fun ! When I’m traveling, spending time with my family or enjoying time with friends I am constantly being inspired and absorbing my surroundings. My mind is always creating and inviting new ideas. 


I would say that one of my biggest inspirations is my Mormor (danish for grandmother). As a child we spent most of our summers in Denmark visiting our family.  I loved all her china and furniture  she hand painted. I loved to paint with her and admired her style. Scandinavian design has had a big influence on me with it’s vibrant colors and its simplicity. Everywhere you turn in Copenhagen there are vibrant colors and innovative design. The bright colored restaurants in Nyhavn, the fire red strawberries and bright colored flowers at the farm stands. The children wearing red and white polka dot coats and yellow boots, mixing and matching colors. The red and blue uniform the soldiers wear and all the lights in Tivoli Gardens. In the country by the farm you can see for miles with fields of yellow and green with blue water in the distance and crimson red  and mustard yellow houses.


My mother, who is an amazing floral designer has also had an influence on my me and I’d like to think that I have inherited some of her creative talents with her color and design concept. 


I want to bring my love of color and design into peoples homes giving it new personality. I hope my art adds some" happy "to a room. 



My morning coffee! 
Favorite jeans an a tee
My family
A warm memory 
Painting on a warm sunny day
A nice gesture 
Saying “ my treat”
A warm chocolate chip cookie(without  too many chips !)
Smell of fresh strawberries
Bright colors 
Being proud 
Certain smells that bring you back to a warm memory or place 
Smell of a rose
A day in Copenhagen and New York City



What’s really good for you 

A good belly laugh 
Being hyggelig ( perhaps you’ve seen the word Hygge which means “cozy”) 

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